'meng' means many things in Chinese
                                   one of the meanings is 'dream' 
I’m Mengting. I make and film performances.
I obtained my MA in Performance Making from Goldsmiths University, and I’ve been creating and producing work in London since 2015.
I always love the technical side of theatre and being around cameras and editing tools. In 2018, my skills led me to work as a video editor for production companies based in Soho and City of London.

I edit promotional trailers for my own performance workAt some point, people started telling me how much they liked my videos and that they were drawn to watch the show because of the trailer. 
Gradually, I realised how a piece of video can be a powerful tool to deliver the creator’s message, and to convert potential audience into ticket purchasers.
So I think I can do more.

When I'm the videographer, I want to use my eyes and my skills, to capture the ephemeral moments for you.
To date, I have worked with theatre makers, dancers, live artists and musicians to create tailor-made videos, with the intention to present the unique side of each discipline.

Being a theatre and performance artist myself means I understand the beauty and the ephemerality of performing arts, and the challenge to record them.
You don’t have a chance to retake. 
I also understand the fronts and backs of live events, and the stressful minutes before the house opens. 
I understand the liveness should be the core of a performance and filming should be done non-intrusively.
I know the right questions to ask when planning a shoot, and the effective camera set-up to make the film look good.
I also understand the tight budget most companies face. 
That’s why I want to keep my pricing transparent and reasonable: see Services & Pricing for details. 

Yes, live performance is a multi-sensory medium, and its impact cannot be replaced by a video of it.
But the medium of video can help your achieve bigger impact in many ways.

You may want a high-quality documentation in order to apply for future showcase and funding opportunities.
You may want a slick and powerful trailer to get people excited about your upcoming production.
You may want a clear and targeted visual message to show what your style is like and attract the right kind of promotors.
You way want to turn your live work into video art, making the move from the stage to the screen.
And you DON'T want to deliver an excellent show and then realise there is no trace left, or that you have forgotten to press the record button in the pre-performance rush, or that the friend who volunteers to do it tells you his iPhone has run out of battery (or storage). 
You also DON'T want to rely solely on the event organiser who may send you the promised documentation three months after you've performed, while you could have applied for loads of opportunities in the mean time.

In live performances, once the moment is lost, you don’t really have a second chance to retake. Or it’s very expensive to: can you hire the venue again? Pay the actors again? Have the same audience in again?

You might have already tried documenting in the DIY way with a tripod and a camcorder. 
But has it happened, for example, when you notice your performers are accidentally out of frame?
When a moving speech is inaudible?
When camera stops working or goes out of battery in the middle of filming?

I know these would happen, because they’ve all happened to me.
Having a video maker that is responsible for recording the precious moments, can help you take the stress off and focus on the more important things on stage.
Moreover, with editing (the right combination of cutting, colour grading, sound design and title design), it is possible to revive the sensual power of a live performance, and make it appeal to the right kind of audience.

Want to understand how I can help? See Services & Pricing.
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